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IB CAS Programme

The IB program regarded CAS as its heart. It is the part of IB where students get to enhance their personal and interpersonal development through experiential learning.
This idea has been reflected with our 2 small batches of IB students. The skills they developed, the confidence they talk with, the challenges they went through, the awareness they had, and the responsibilities they assumed all contributed to make them true IB people, and by that we mean they have taken really significant steps towards becoming responsible individuals who can communicate at a global scale.
To mention a few of the activities that they had undertaken throughout this year, one should start with the debating competitions MUN and World Scholars Cup. Students got to debate and research current topics of global importance and come up with resolutions for the future. On the other hand, CAS students assumed volunteering responsibilities at Mubadala Tennis Championship, Abu Dhabi Film Festival, World Golf Championship, and Sheikh Khalifa Medical Hospital. When it came to awareness campaigns, our CAS students were pioneers. They participated in organizing numerous campaigns including Breast Cancer Awareness Day, Diabetes Walk, Terry Fox Run, Largest World Droplet, awareness against Cyber Bullying and Pink Biathlon.
On more personal level, the IB CAS candidates have improved their abilities in my domains including swimming, tennis, ice skating, web design, image editing, and new languages (Chinese mandarin, Japanese, German, and Arabic (for a non-Arab student).
In school, the IB student contributions were significant. And in that regard, it is of importance to mention the reading they do with the younger kids and one student’s role as a school journalist.
To summarize, CAS has started a new way of life for those students. They recognize their strengths and they use them to the max and they identify their weaknesses only to work on improving them.

CAS Handbook