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ANPS Collection Policy

New Enrollments

New students accepted at ANPS need to pay an enrollment fee before September 1st. The purpose of collecting the enrollment fee is to ensure a seat for your child for the year he/ she has enrolled in. Even if the child was accepted, without the enrollment fee paid before the deadlines communicated to parents, he/ she will not have a place reserved at ANPS. The enrollment fees will not be refunded any time after the deadline as this is considered an unfilled place. The enrollment fee at ANPS is 1000 AED and it won’t be refunded for whatever reason beyond the mentioned date.

Tuition Fee

ANPS will collect the first installment (full) of the tuition fees one month before the start of the academic year with the deadline being the first day of school. For example, if the school starts in August, the first installment should be paid in full in July.

Tuition Fee Non-Payment

The school has a clear and transparent policy regarding the consequences of non-payment or late payment of tuition fee:
Before the new term starts, the school will send a general message reminding parents/guardian that the Fees are due.
Week 1:
A message will be sent that the Term fees are due for any unpaid fees.
Week 2:
First warning letter reminding parents/guardians that their child’s/children’s fees are not settled yet.
Week 3:
Second warning letter reminding parents/guardians that their child’s/children’s fees are not settled yet.
Week 4:
Third and final warning letter will be sent out stating that if the fees are not settled within 5 working days, the students will be suspended from school. Parents need to meet with the school principal.

Week 5:
The child/ children will be suspended from school and a formal meeting will be done with the principal. The parents will be reported to ADEK.

Action Taken for Defaulting

In addition to suspension, the school may withhold examination report cards, transfer certificates (or block a transfer on eSIS) and /or withhold re-registering a student until all outstanding amounts are settled.
It is not within the school’s ethos to deny any child education, however as a private school that depends fully on school fee collection to pay salaries and ensure sustainability, we urge parents to pay the Fees within the time frames sent by the school.
The school will be dealing with the issues of non-payment discretely to protect the students from embarrassment hence our letters will be communicated electronically. Therefore; kindly ensure that your registered mobile numbers at the school are active as we send notices through messages to avoid putting your children in such situations and get offended in front of their friends.


The deadlines for payments are as follows:

Fee Deadline
Enrollment June 3rd, 2020
Term 1 September 1st, 2020
Term 2 January 3rd, 2021
Term 3 April 11th, 2021
Next Year reservation May 3rd

Reminder letter

Dear parent,
This is to remind you that the School Fees for the next academic year should be paid before Sunday the 30th of August, 2020. Please arrange for payments to ANPS accounts department.
We appreciate your prompt response and payment before the given date.
ANPS Admin