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we work to promote learning in a caring, family atmosphere

At Al Najah School we work to promote learning in a caring, family atmosphere where each individual pupil has a feeling of belonging. Although we pride ourselves on excellent academic results, we also strive to produce a well rounded individual, who on leaving us, is ready to contribute to the community, and, if of a good academic standard, to pursue his/her studies further at university or college.

Our secondary school offers two paths for our students to choose from. We have a strong tradition of preparing our students within the British system of education. Our record of success in the IGCSE Cambridge exams and the AS/A-Level London Board exams is second to none. Our results are indicating of both the students and the teacher’s hard work. This can be seen in the fact that Al Najah students are among the top ranking students in the U.A.E and the entire world. Many of our graduates attend top British Universities. A new development at Al Najah is the international baccalaureate diploma (IB Diploma) in grade 11 and 12. Students who choose the path will be well prepared for the IB exams accepted by many universities.


Subjects taught at AL Najah:

English, Arabic, Mathematics, Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Art, Music, Business, Film Making, History, Environmental Science, Physical Education, Islamic studies, Socila Studies, and many more subjects